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Hi, my name is Joanne McNeil and this is my Home Page on the World Wide Web.

My book Lurking is out now with MCD.

Debut novel WRONG WAY coming out in 2023.

Currently writing TOO EARLY FOR THE FUTURE (expected in 2024) on the practice and history of speculating on the future.

Here is a short bio:
Joanne McNeil is the author of LURKING. She was the inaugural winner of the Carl & Marilynn Thoma Art Foundation's Arts Writing Award for an emerging writer. She has been a resident at Eyebeam, a Logan Nonfiction Program fellow, and an instructor at the School for Poetic Computation.

you can contact me at joanne dot mcneil at gmail dot com

my agent is Sarah Bowlin at Aevitas

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I write a column called "Speculations" for Filmmaker magazine. It is a series of essays on science fiction films and books and art and other culture. You can read the archive here.

Here's a list of some of my writing including fiction, reporting, and criticism.

Recently: Silicon Everywhere: A Brief History of America’s Tech Hubs


I wrote a short radio play for Unfinished Live in 2021. It's about how the history of the internet will be told in the future. Here's a series of video essays I made called Just Browsing. And here's a video of me reading from my short story Users.


This is the link to my headshot.

Here's me with Philip K Dick (really really old photo) and a photo of one of my best Halloween costumes.

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